History of Science Resources

This is meant to be a loose compilation of resources that I happened to stumble on and found particularly interesting and/or useful (and NOT a comprehensive list). If you have any interesting resources to share with me, please drop a comment below.

Historical Approach to Science Teaching – Books

  • Harvard Case Histories in Experimental Science – Read Synopsis – View: Volume 1 Volume 2
  • History of Science Cases by Leopold Klopfer – View (scroll down on the target page)
  • The Experimental and Historical Foundations of Electricity by Ande Koch Torres Assis – View: Volume 1 Volume 2
  • Rediscovering Optics by Nahum Kipnis – Paperback currently unavailable – View Introduction & Chapter 1
  • Time for Science Education by Michael R. Matthews – Read synopsis – Preview

Historical Approach to Science Teaching – Articles/Research papers

  • A Law of Physics in the Classroom: The Case of Ohm’s Law by Nahum Kipnis – View

Themes/Episodes From History of Science – Books

  • Is Water H2O?: Evidence, Realism and Pluralism by Hasok Chang – Preview
  • Inventing Temperature by Hasok Chang – Preview
  • Electricity in the 17th and 18th Centuries by J. L. Heilbron – Preview
  • Ampere’s Electrodynamics by A. K. T. Assis – View

Themes/Episodes From History of Science – Articles/Research papers

  • The Myth of the Boiling Point by Hasok Chang – View
  • Luigi Galvani and the Debate on Animal Electricity by Nahum Kipnis – View
  • The Story Behind the Science – collection of several articles – View

Classic Works that are Accessible to Modern Audiences

  • The Chemical History of a Candle. Transcript of a Christmas Lecture by Michael Faraday – View

Miscellaneous History of Science Resources

  • The largest collection of pictures and design details of electrostatic generators, by Antonio Carlos M. de Quieroz – View
  • A curated list of excerpts from classic papers in chemistry, maintained by Carmen Giunta and John Park – View
  • History and Philosophy of Science in Science Teaching monthly newsletter – View
  • Beautiful 3d illustrations of chemical instruments from the past – View

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