Restarting the Quest

It has been almost eight years since I last posted anything on a blog. The quest for the right questions has continued during this period, albeit offline. And now when I thought of restart blogging, I decided to keep the same title as I felt that it still applied.

In this age, especially belonging to the stratum of society that I do, it’s perhaps odd for someone in his early thirties, not suffering from a terminal illness, to be thinking of impending death. Statistically, it is highly probable that I’ll continue to live for a few decades still. However, the pandemic reminds you that life is precarious – the pathogen itself, of course, but in a far bigger way by making visible the deep vulnerabilities of the intricate web of economic activity and how little it takes (literally, just an RNA molecule!) for it to be disrupted.

That makes me want to try to find out where I am in this drift called life. Recall the beautiful things I have seen. The futile attempts at rowing against the drift. Remind myself of the things that I want to do when I don’t need to attend to the boat. Knowing fully well that there is no destination. And that’s what I want to do through this blog.