I or Me?

I’m Kishore, 25 years old. Grew up in Thrissur, a small city in central Kerala. Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from National Institute of Technology Calicut. Worked as a teacher in Sahyadri School- Krishnamurti Foundation India, near Pune, Maharashtra for three and a half years. Currently taking a break, staying at home, preparing for further studies. You can contact me at kishore [dot] asok [at] gmail [dot] com

A person’s character is not static. Events mould and change us throughout the course of our lives, like a river smoothens and polishes the rocks over which it flows. Likewise, I expect this page to be dynamic, as well.

I had a wonderful three and a half years in Sahyadri, where I grew serious interests in several things. Teaching science and technology, history of science, making models of machines from common materials, looking around and observing our non-human co-habitants etc.

While teaching I’ve felt that most curricula are heavily biased towards mastering specific existing skills and knowledge, and almost completely ignore how people came to know all these things, the paradigm shifts that these discoveries suggest and the messy and creative human processes involved in scientific work and invention.

I do not cease to be fascinated by the stories of discovery across areas of human endeavor from the 16th to the 19th centuries, and wish to explore how these stories can find a place in the curriculum, and modify some of our approaches to teaching.


P.S. The title “I or Me?” is based the terms used in The User Illusion by Tor Norretranders to refer to the small part of ourselves that we become conscious of (I) and the whole organism that is Me.

7 thoughts on “I or Me?

  1. Dear kishore,

    Your blog entry is really nice one. Keep doing big things.

    With love,
    Krishna Prabhu

  2. Kishore,

    I liked the sentence “Science is an honest religion, because it doesn’t claim to be anything other than a search for the truth.” I think this is a very honest and truthful opinion on science. But some people tend to glorify science as the ultimate truth, without realising that what we know today may be found to be totally false tomorrow. Having been a scientist most of my life, I love science, but am afraid of glorifying it. Once that happens, it ceases to be any different from other religions.

    Wish you all success in your endeavours, and do keep writing.


  3. Actually I borrowed that sentence from Ajith sir. I had almost lost all my interest in Science because of the rigid and rotten curriculum at college, and I was unbelievably lucky to get to work in his inspiring presence during the summer.

    Thank you for dropping by, Sir!

  4. hi dear kishore..i feel very exciting by reading ur blog..because today abhilash sir was given a tutorial sheet..in that i found “define convolution in plain english”…i came to net to see what is plain english..after entered in google surprisingly i got ur blog..ha ha ha …what a nice experiance in that tutorial yaaarrrr…am doing 1st m.tech(2009) signal processing
    ok all best…have a nice future

  5. Hi Kishore,

    I got a photo of Harmony of School through your blog. A lot of memories came out and i can’t explain what my feelings are now..i had my favourite moments at Harmony. I was there for a very short while(2 years)..learning classical guitar, an instrument which lets me express my feelings even today..i’ve heard your name..i was there frm 97-99..
    Best Regards

  6. can you give method to test live cd without using vmachine etc. it is some thing.. copy content to a partition..edit grub.. i have forgotten.

    pls give if you have

    CKG College, Perambra

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