The Distorted Painting

I want to make a painting. A beautiful one. I have got this canvas that I have been given. I start painting. I make strokes. The painting doesn’t look alright as it develops. And I don’t have another canvas. I look closely at the canvas and see that it was not blank to begin with. I see irregular spots all over it. The spots are distorting my painting. And now there are the strokes I have made. All entangled together. What do I do? I want to paint. I want to paint a beautiful picture. I look at the spots. There are so many of them. And in such weird shapes. My beautiful painting will never come up on this canvas. I don’t want to give up. I want to see on canvas the beauty of the picture in my mind. I want to feel the beauty of painting. I make a stroke on the canvas. A line. I connect two spots. I look closely at them. I make another stroke. A curve this time. That looks decent. I like this. I enjoy making strokes on the messy canvas. I can’t help but keep thinking of the beautiful picture in my mind. It will never come up on this canvas. I want to do more than make meaningless strokes. It is fun. It will never come up on this canvas. I like the little stroke connecting the two spots.

One thought on “The Distorted Painting

  1. For an open mind what is the purpose of actions that take one from point to point? It is to connect with the universe of which it is a part. If the idea is to use the canvas for conveying the beauty in you to the rest of the world you should not get lost cribbing about the spots on the canvas. Actually all painters start with a coat of primer so that you have a controlled surface for painting. What happens in adolescence or early youth is that one try to skip the primer in the ‘kolaveri’ to get going. And then instead of touching the world romantically one is content with touching oneself. Don’t get lost in the stroke. Go forward to what it contributes to. And don’t forget to apply the primer.

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