Have you passed through a moment in life when you’re completely on your own? When there is only you, and the universe.

All your life compresses itself into an image and flashes across your eyes.

There are no desires left, nor are there any laments. Only the plain fact of life remains. And the smallness of me in it.

I look at the world for the first time with open eyes, and try to see everything in it… because I’m curious to know more about this world I happen to inhabit.

Nothing more to rebel against… no more dreams to pursue… I’m free. I can live now. I can learn now.

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  1. The title of your blog has changed and that title together with this post which sounds too much like the description of The Total Perspective Vortex made it hard for me to ignore the feeling. Just guessing… have you by any chance been recently enlightened by The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

  2. The “God is Dead”….But then don’t forget to add after the brief punctuation “Long Live the God”. The nature of resurrection determines whether the metamorphosis yields a butterfly or an eagle. In every generation there were many who try to misinterpret “Soma” as “Country Liquor”. A few take the trouble to understand it as “Saha Uma”…To know the pure passion that binds one to the universe… to know the love that give meaning to all loves…


  3. i don’t think i am old enough to completely understand to what u r really trying to say…but this very thought stimulating really….like i told u before you should write more…

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