Music for My Poem

Having written my first Malayalam poem, I was seized by a desire to put it to music, and I came up with something I felt was reasonably good. I’m posting the recording of the music, in my horrible voice. The recording is poor and poorer is my singing(I can’t reach the upper notes, so I sang them in my false voice), but still it should give a good idea of the music I have in my mind.

Download recording

8 thoughts on “Music for My Poem

  1. The music is lilting. The voice conveys the longing of youth when it encounters a true love. The content of the lyric also conveys the same. But when the music tries to hold the poem in a warm embrace there is a struggle…and that struggle is palpable for anyone who is sensitive to both language and music.

    There is an order in the stacking of phones in a word and words in a sentence. This order need not be conventional. You can be bold and dashing while creating a new order following the convolutions of your own aesthetics. But then order there must be. The break from conventions must be for discovering a more satisfying order.

    With a good musical ear you would have picked up imperfections in shruti and sangatis. Apply your ear similarly to the distortions in meanings when you twist and break words and sentences. punchiri ought to convey the masculine potency of a healthy smile. When you twist it as poonchiri it becomes a little apologetic.

    Don’t give up. Listen to your recording with a criticl ear to do repeated plastic surgery till the poem rests relaxed in the hold of the music.

    And don’t give up thinking that it is great enough. Then you cease communicating with God. Somewhere in the Upanishads it is written…”This Udgeetham is the most sublime manifestation of Brahman.” So let not the aspiration for excellence ever cease

    1. Thank you so much, Balammama, for the in-depth analysis.

      I’ll remember what you’ve said, and keep searching for changes I can make, to make it sound better.

  2. now that I come to think of it, I have never heard you singing .. Very good voice, you can consider learning some hindustani music now 🙂


    1. 🙂

      My voice is not good at all. The range of notes I can sing is very limited. I had trouble singing ever since my voice started changing around the time I was in 10th std.

  3. It was indeed a pleasure listening to your voice.

    Yet I feel what is more important in a poem is the music and rhythm inherent in the flash of experience that triggered it in the first place. Expressed through the gifted poet the experience shines through words that reflect this music. All else may be embellishments that can distract one from the real poetic experience.

    It is the experience that counts, perceived only by a laterally oriented vision. Bask in its glory, and words will just come your way. So will the rhythm and music.

    1. Hmm… I get what you mean when you say it’s the experience that counts. Yeah, other things are just ornaments…

      But in this case, I couldn’t find any inherent rhythm or music in the words, since the lines are so irregular. I wanted to see if I could sing it in any way and I had to sit down and figure out how they could be arranged into music.

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