NITC Past and Present

I was going over the area of NITC in Wikimapia, when I suddenly realized that the satellite images of the place were somewhat old. In fact, it shows the campus in its state even before I joined the college, but not much older, since the only difference is the absence of the Central Computer Centre and the new Mini Canteen.

Over the last four years I’ve seen acres of forest give way to concrete structures and I thought I’d just highlight the changes I’ve seen on the map. These estimates are very rough and have been made from my countless walks around the campus. They are very conservative estimates and I suspect a lot more area has been cleared, as I have not even been to each and every corner of the campus.

2 thoughts on “NITC Past and Present

  1. Really true. Even I feel the same. But, construction of new buildings have become unavoidable in our campus. The intake into NITC has almost doubled in last 3 years. And we now have 2 new branches for UG students (or is it 3, actually even I am not aware about new branches).

    The in campus population has increased tremendously that hostel and messes are overcrowded. When I was in 1st year, I still remember the C hostel which was 2 seated for then third years. But, as time progressed we live in the same C hostel rooms with 4 people.

    Removal of plant cover is unavoidable for the development of infrastructure of campus. But, it should be seen that we take care of the environment and try to plant shady trees wherever its possible.

    Lets see how campus changes in coming years, when you guys would come for some alumni or reunion.

    1. Yes, Amarnath, I know that the construction of new buildings is unavoidable. I very much feel the increase in the density of population too, though my batch has been lucky. I was just expressing my sadness that so much forest cover has been lost.

      Yeah, it’s not the first time in the world forests have to give way for people. As you say, let’s see how the campus is going to change over the coming years and hope people here would take care of the wonderful green cover that we’ve come to love so much.

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