Nostalgia Kicks In

I’m well into my final month at college, and I have been recently suffering from bursts of nostalgia now and then, during the most unexpected of times. Experienced one such moment today.

Today evening, I went to the barber shop to have a haircut and a shave. It was one of the most satisfactory haircuts I’ve had in recent times. Usually they end up cutting either slightly more or slightly less than I would have wanted.

When the haircut was over, the barber told me that it cost Rs.45. I took a 100 rupee note from my wallet and handed it to him. He didn’t have 5 rupees change to give back the balance, and nor did I. He gave back to me 60 rupees, and told me, “It’s okay. Just give me the extra five rupees next time.”

I was about to thank him, accept the 60 rupees and leave- when it suddenly struck me that I wouldn’t be coming this way again.  I gave him a smile and took only 50 rupees and told him, “You keep the five rupees. I don’t think I’d be coming to your shop again. I’m leaving college soon. This was the last haircut of my college life…”

4 thoughts on “Nostalgia Kicks In

  1. I guess it will be a mix of both nostalgia and excitement for an entirely fresh set of life experiences ahead ! For the first time you would have the feeling that you are truly “on your own” !


  2. Really you would be missing college life. This is really a turning point in life. Dunno when will all meet each other.

    I still remember the day you rang me up and came to B hostel to meet me to start FOSS activities. Then, it was a long sequences of discussions and meetings with Deepak Sir and Murali Sir which finally ended up in establishment of FOSSCell in our campus. It was really a great experience working with you to this noble cause of spreading FOSS. I would really miss you.

    Wish all luck for your future!



    1. Amarnath, thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment. It’s priceless to me.

      Yeah, it was great working with you in activities of the FOSS Cell- through the ups and downs. And, for a person like me, who’s not very outgoing, it’s very special as it was the only opportunity to meet and form such intimate bonds with juniors.

      I’ll miss you too.

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