Please let me sleep

At first I thought I was becoming lazy,
For I, who used to greet the sun
With an eager smile, could no longer
Bear its rays falling on me to wake me up.

Earnestly I tried to rouse myself from my slumber
When I realized that I was no longer getting any sleep
Has the sun grown weary of its epic journey
And decided to stay here for ever?

Darkness has ceased to fall
And as you know, when there is light
I cannot sleep as my body is engaged in
The process of producing food.

Something’s wrong somewhere
For how I used to enjoy the sunshine.
All joy has gone out of my life
Since I was brought in here.

I wish I could talk to my friends and find out
Whether I’m the only one to feel this way
But there’s not a trace of breeze in here
To carry to them my faint whispers.

No longer do bees come to drink
The nectar from my flowers
Nor do those lovely little birds
Build nests sheltered by my leaves

All I see are these two legged creatures
Who come to pluck my fruits
Which grow very quickly now that
I am working overtime

Something tells me that I’m being
Held a captive by these animals
And made to work like a slave
Just because they like the taste of my fruits

If only they could understand
What I want to tell them
I’d tell them to please let me sleep
Please remove this light and let me sleep.

4 thoughts on “Please let me sleep

  1. I am reminded of a quote from Kazantzakis:

    “I said to the almond tree:
    Speak to me of God.
    And the almond tree blossomed”.

    You speak of a world where God has denounced this divine language of His.

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