An Enriching Adventure

You were lying asleep
An unassuming piece of bamboo
Lifeless but beautiful yet
Misleading in your simple appearance.

I picked you up
In the hope of bringing to life
Your sweet soothing voice
By lending my breath of life.

But stubborn you proved
As I blew in vain
For I didn’t know you
Well enough for you to respond.

I kept at it humbly,
Touching you, feeling you,
Trying to understand you,
So that you’d sing for me.

Slowly, a note at a time,
You warmed up to me
As my breath began
Striking chords in your heart

Words cannot describe
My delight when finally
You replied to me

In your sweet soothing voice

I lost myself in your music,
Bewitched by its heavenly charm
And you became a part of me,
Inseparable from my soul.

I may never know you well enough
Though you’re kind enough to sing for me
I’m always learning, as I go along
Surrendering myself to your magic.

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