Just a thought…

I think people can be divided into two- those who accept the world as they find it and get on with life, and those who pause to think about the world, are discontent with it and try to be the change they want to see. I wish I could be one of the former, because their lives are simpler, but it’s not a matter of choice. Most of the people belong to the first category and I think it is the natural state of being. But I feel that the latter is fast growing, in proportion to how artificial our lives are becoming.

7 thoughts on “Just a thought…

  1. If you have a little intellect to roll out the consequences of actions to the not just one level as normal people do, but more levels, you will turn mad at the madness and/or stupidity of men.

    Read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theodore_Kaczynski. About the so called unabomber. As a person of the academia, assistant professor at Berkley at the age of 25 itself gives him my respect. His description reads – mathematician, social critic and murderer. What a funny combination!

    1. Funny indeed!

      Went through portions of his “Industrial Society and its Future”. He seems to possess great clarity of thought.

  2. Kishore, I am of the opinion that the lives for those who accept world as-is and carry on is not necessarily simple. Otherwise, India may never have got independence. And the latter choice is not always artificial. Indeed, in most scenarios it may be a desirable. I am not just talking about a political revolution. But in general we can see that it is revolutions that have changed lives. Just to cite one example, the monopoly of the cable TV from a few local operators has been suddenly shifted to the large players in the field like Reliance or Tata or Sun etc.

    It is good to think from both angles. Nothing is right or wrong in universe.

    1. I meant, simple as in they just need to act according to the circumstances they find themselves in. At one level, if you put yourself in their shoes, it’s not simple, but if you go up one level and observe what they are doing from “above”, it’s predictable.

      And I called the latter choice “artificial”, as in you won’t find them in animal societies, among tribes or village communities, which live close to nature.

  3. Don’t be hasty about drawing lines that divide. Such bold strokes seldom work when you start analysing society. It’s the grey areas that make us a lively species.

    1. I admit that it is an overly exaggerated division. But more than a division, I meant it as a way to express the fact that the environment we grow up and live in has become very artificial, in a way- “virtual”- and very different from the reality in which our intellect and senses have evolved over millions of years. This has resulted in many people feeling that “there is something wrong with the world”. (Almost Matrix-like)

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