Passenger (movie)

Last week, I watched the movie Passenger, while I was at Kottayam with Harimama and family. It’s a really good movie(even ignoring the abysmal standards of recent Malayalam movies) and all of us liked it. What I liked most about the movie was that it’s different from the usual “thrillers” in which an inevitably invincible hero fights against all odds and conquers evil. This story gives us a refreshingly different perspective- that of a common man used to an uneventful life, who does not hesitate to jump into the strangest adventure in his life, out of compassion for another human being.

Other things I liked about this movie-

  1. Cast- very apt, brought out the best in everyone.
  2. Lack of explicit violence- like my cousin Devika remarked, the makers could have made it a lot more gory, but they didn’t
  3. Message- I don’t know why I feel so obsessed about this, but I feel that every movie should have a message, because it is such a powerful medium of communication, and I seem to like movies that extra bit if they convey good messages.

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