Sports and Life

Last week, I finally played Fours Football (we have a lovely little arena for playing Fours Football in front of our hostels) after a long long time. The last time I spent some time on the pitch was as a substitute for our S5 Electronics team, “Fourier Transformers” in the group stages of the Fours Cup. In fact I hadn’t played any sports for a long time. As can be expected, my body was very stiff and sore for a couple of days afterwards. The pain was a nice reminder that I should play once in a while.

It also made me think how monotonous and dull life is, without sports and games. There’s no better way to keep your mind and body sharp, and have some real fun at the same time. Looking back at my childhood, I regret the fact that I spent very little time in the playground over the years. In fact, the only period in which I played to my heart’s content was back in the Eleventh standard. I used to play a lot of football. I was lucky to have some classmates who played really well. I was never a good player and I never had the skills to be one, but I enjoyed playing as a part of the team, with them.

Children should spend as much time as possible outdoors, and play as much as they want to. There’s nothing like running around on the field, scoring a goal, linking up with your team mates. Life without sports is meaningless. Period.

4 thoughts on “Sports and Life

  1. You said it..Sadly nowadays except for a handful no one really cares about outdoor sports..No wonder India wins only single digit no. of medals in the Olympics..

  2. yea true.. we tend to ignore sports wen time gets constrained.. but playing something once in a while is a really great way to refresh your mind to new ideas.. works for me all the time..

    time for me to play my weekly squash game :)..

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