Climate Change is for REAL!!! :(

It’s obvious to anyone who has been in Kerala for the last few days. It’s been unbelievably HOT… Everyone’s finding it hard to cope with. And it’s only the end of February! You hardly feel like doing anything when it’s so hot. The heat saps all your strength.

The climate situation is frightening, to say the least. It is changing right in front of your eyes. I have been keeping a keen eye on the climate for the last few years. I remember, not too many years ago, when I was in fifth or sixth, it would be raining on the 1st of June no matter what, when the school reopened after the summer holidays. But what has happened in the last few years? In 2006, there was heavy rain in the last week of May, and then a very dry June and the monsoon resumed only in July. And then we had extraordinarily heavy rainfall in Monsoon 2007 but again, which started very late. In April 2008 we had over two weeks of downpour which destroyed most of the crops. And this year, again a bizarre monsoon, and very little rainfall.

It seems obvious where we are heading. It’s frightening. The Earth’s atmosphere, and the whole biosphere is an extremely complex system and has a delicate equilibrium. When that’s disturbed, the natural forces act to try to bring it back to equilibrium. What do you say to people who argue that Climate Change is a hoax?

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