Freedom Walk at NITC

It was almost midnight when the Freedom Walkers arrived here on Wednesday. They were thouroughly worn out from the long long walk from Thamarassery. They had dinner from our mini canteen, and then I led them to the rooms in PG-2 hostel which Sandeep sir from the Electrical department had booked.

Next morning, a few S3 guys and I went to meet them. We had a small gathering in their room and discussed what all we could do to spread Free Software here at NITC. Since all of us except one were from Electronics, Jemshid suggested that we could get started on some Embedded GNU/Linux work. We can think of conducting workshops to get people interested in it.

Prasad talked about the Freedom Toaster they had made, and suggested that we could try to make one with a vending machine, as a project. They said we would have their support if someone is ready to take it up.

It’s too bad we couldn’t organize a more elaborate meeting with the Freedom Walkers, because of the exams. But we’ve got some pointers to think about, when we sit down to make a concrete plan regarding the FOSS Cell activities.

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