Exams… (again)

It’s something I’ve written about a lot in the past, and am sure to write a lot in the future, as well! 😉 Well, this time the occasion is the end of the first Interim tests of the fifth semester. This semester is better, in that we have only five core courses, the sixth being Environmental Studies.

Last semester I got into the habit of doing something I’d never before done in my life- cramming junk into my head just before the exams. The level of my motivation was so low, and those of my ignorance and indifference to the subjects were so high that whatever grades I got that sem were due to this last minute mugging up. (I should mention that I had got through the previous three semesters without disaster, mainly because of the fundamentals acquired while at school, rather than any effort on my part.) But it was sheer mental torture.

I’ve decided that I’d do nothing of the sort this time round. That I’d let myself explore the topics at my pace and discretion. Of course, it doesn’t guarantee good grades-the converse, quite possibly. But I think that’s the only way ahead for me. Learning everything taken in class exhaustively is out of the question. This is not school. That would probably drive me mad. Learning something for an examination is mental torture. And it’s against the purpose of exams.

At least now, I love all subjects and feel a real thirst for knowledge. That’s a big improvement from last sem. As for grades, I couldn’t care less so long as I pass.

One thought on “Exams… (again)

  1. Actually, what you have mentioned is what I have done in college. I have tried to study each subject in as much detail as possible, really “enjoying” it and not worrying about whether I would get marks. Combine this with a little skill of being able to write fast and a LOT 😉 and “show off” your knowledge in flowery words, there is no stopping you from getting “marks”. So, thats the right way to go – learn things the way you want, but do write a lot about it in “exam” and do “show off” your knowledge in paper and you will get good “marks” ;).

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