On Monsoon (or the lack of it)

Just a few years ago, it used to… but I’m not sure any longer…

It’s the second half of August, and I can’t seem to banish a particular question from my mind- where has the rain gone? Just a few years ago, when I was in the early years of school, no matter what, it would be raining on the first day of school, in the first week of June. But what on earth has happened to the climate? Last year there was more rain than usual, and for the first time I can remember, we in Kerala received heavy rainfall in April, destroying many crops. And it seems that this year, we are not going to get any. It’s all so unpredictable.

The amazing thing is that the climate is changing so fast that you can feel it. So much has changed in less than five years. Who knows what it’ll be like, five years hence? Is there any hope left for saving our home and ourselves?

On a different note, I’m missing the rain badly. I simply love rain. I love going for a walk under an umbrella, when it’s pouring down heavily. I miss all that.

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