First Meeting

Fifteen of us, including Deepak sir and Murali sir met today for what was the first meeting of the FOSS cell. It was notable that there were six S3 guys, from Electronics, Computer Science, Electrical and Civil, all of them motivated from last year’s FOSSMeet. We got to know each other, and decided on the things to be done immediately for setting up a group. It’s a new beginning and I’m looking forward to it. The S3 guys seem to be an enthusiastic bunch and there is enough reason to be optimistic about this new venture.

7 thoughts on “First Meeting

  1. Good! Why not kickstart with a session on Google SoC by Vivek – he was a participant in a Japanese project to build a processor with iVerilog. Maybe, you can have a bunch of guys from NITC applying for next year’s SoC!

  2. kishore, you should make sure that happens. Vivek is a very shy guy, u must bring him to the front.

    Anish Bhaskaran

  3. The initial response from our S3 batch seems to be pretty good. I hope that my batch-mates remain the same and I will do my best to see that happening.

    And yes, it would be extremely beneficial for us if you can arrange a session on Google’s SoC. I want to participate the coming year…

    Thank you :)!

  4. Yes, good to see your enthusiasm! After the Software Freedom Day, we can have some sessions on getting involved in free software development.

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