Back at the Engineer Factory

The fifth semester has started. As usual, registration was Chaos, with a capital C. Anyway, completed it successfully! The first hour was Electronic Circuits-2 by Raghu sir. He didn’t take class, but made us share our experiences during the vacation. I talked to the class for a few minutes, about my experience working on Phoenix in Delhi. Deepak sir is down with chicken pox, so I couldn’t meet him.

This year, MHRD has removed the state quotas, which means that while half of the students are from Kerala itself, the other half are admitted purely on All India merit. There are over a hundred first years from Andhra Pradesh!

Besides, the number of seats has now crossed 700. In our year, it was a little over 450. I don’t know why they are increasing the intake without an improvement in infrastructure. Some of the first year students are now accommodated two in single rooms in the PG hostel. As a result, even the MTech first years are accommodated as pairs in those rooms which may be comfortable for a single person, but too congested for two.

It reminds me of the “mass production” which Deepak sir mentioned in his comment a few days ago. There is a huge demand for engineers in the industry, and my college is nothing but a supplier of “engineers”- commodities- to the “back offices of corporates”. It doesn’t matter that there are not enough hostel rooms… It doesn’t matter that most of the teachers now handle batches of over 100… It doesn’t matter whether anyone cares in the least what is being taught… There is a pay packet at the end of four years!

A factory churning out “engineers” by hundreds…

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