I reached home last Thursday. It’s good to be back! I couldn’t write till now, since my computer’s RAM had been damaged and I had to get it replaced. One more week before the next semester. Had a great time in Bangalore and Coorg.

I reached Bangalore on Friday the 4th, around 8 pm. Praveenettan came to pick me up, braving the frustrating Bangalore traffic. We set off early for Kodagu the next day. It’s a long drive from Bangalore and we reached the place we were staying, a home stay called Palace Estate near Kakkabe, around 4 pm. We were given a warm welcome by our host Mr.Prasad.

After relaxing for a while, we went to see a waterfall inside their estate. I received my first leech bite during the walk! We had a sumptuous dinner, and afterwards Mr.Prasad gave us a map and precise directions for climbing Thadiyandemol, the third highest peak in Karnataka. The next morning, Prasanthettan and I set off at 8 o’ clock for Thadiyandemol. We reached the peak around 11, and reached back at one in the afternoon. I’ll describe the trek in detail later, because it deserves a separate post.

In the afternoon, all of us except Prasanthettan, went to visit Thalakaveri, the origin of the river Kaveri. They have put up a marble temple there. When we reached there the whole place was covered in mist, and you could hardly see a couple of metres ahead.

On Monday we set off on our return journey around 10.30 in the morning. On our way back, we stopped at Nisarga Dhama, an island on Kaveri, and also at the Namdroling monastery, in the Tibetan settlement of Byla Kuppe. We reached Bangalore by 10 at night.

(Photos will be uploaded soon … )

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