Exploring Delhi – Part Two

This post should have appeared four days ago, but at times there is some trouble with the proxy server in accessing Gmail and WordPress. Anyway!

I’d been roaming around Delhi on Tuesday and Wednesday. Shyamachechi called me around 12.45 on Tuesday afternoon, after Pallavi’s counselling at NIFT was over. They were at JNU, with their friend Aneesh, who is doing research in political science there and has been selected for the Civil Service. I took an auto and went straight to JNU, which is a huge campus. From there all of us went by taxi to Kerala House, where Shyamachechi, Kannettan and Pallavi were staying. Had a nice nadan lunch from there! Then we went to the Connaught Place metro station, but it was so crowded that we decided to abandon the metro trip. We spent around an hour in Palika Bazaar, the underground market. After that we had tea, and Aneesh and I returned by auto. I got off at JNU and caught another auto to IUAC.

The next day, I met them at the National Museum. It was my first bus ride in Delhi! I took the 604, the only bus which comes near here, and got off at Munirka to catch the 615 which stops in front of the National Museum, as Aneesh had told me. Actually if you are interested in History, you should spend a whole day at the National Museum. There’s so much to see there. We made a quick round-up and set off for the Red Fort, in Old Delhi. We stopped at the India Gate in between and took a few photos. From there we went to JNU to pick up Aneesh, had lunch and then visited the Qutab Minar. This was my third visit to the famous monument, only a couple of weeks ago with Rajuettan. Then they dropped Aneesh and me at our places, and returned to Kerala house in their taxi.

Overall, it was a wonderful couple of days of exploring Delhi. Now I’ve travelled in Delhi by bus, by auto, by cycle (on that great little trip through Kishangarh with Ajith sir), by car (that too in princely manner in Rajuettan’s car) and of course by foot (going for walks is one of my favourite pastimes)… Only the metro has proved elusive so far, except of course, the cycle rickshaws which you find in abundance in Old Delhi.

I’ll upload the photos of the trip together, when I reach home.

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