Exploring the Streets of Delhi

Yesterday was an eventful day. I spent the morning and most of the afternoon in the lab. At four o’ clock, I went to play cricket with the PhD. scholars here. Prasad, who comes from Kerala, had been asking me for a couple of days to go and play with them. So I played one match with them. After that I got a bit bored. Besides, playing in the sun here in Delhi is not that easy, and when I was returning to my room, I met Ajith sir and his younger son Sarath with their cycles. They got me Ajith sir’s elder son Jithin’s cycle, and we went for a little trip.

Delhi is a city of extreme contrasts. There would be a very well planned and posh locality right next to a shanty town. Near the IUAC campus, there is one such planned locality by the name of Vasant Kunj. There is also a village, which Ajith sir showed me. We rode our bicycles through the little fly infested crowded streets for a while, passed through Mehrauli and reached an old Mughal monument. I looked for its name, but all there was, was a notice that it was a protected site. We could see the top of the Qutab Minar from there.

The village streets are a buzz of life and activity. They are so congested, that at some places, the buildings on both sides of the street are so close together, that there would be hardly a metre separating its balconies. It was a very good experience to observe the activities of the people. On our way back, we bought some mangoes and bananas. Our trip had taken around an hour. I was pleasantly exhausted and went to bed early.

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