Phoenix Debian live CD v0.0.9 ready

I had been busy with making the Phoenix Debian live CD, for the past four days. It was a job that totally absorbed you. Just when you think that everything is alright, and you are ready to make version 0.1.0 (to be named “version 1” it requires the kernel driver for the parallel port version of Phoenix), some issue would pop up. When most of the problems which required immediate attention were solved, Ajith sir said we would start again on a fresh Debian installation, so that we could verify and note down all the steps involved. The second time, we made a script to run all the steps, mainly installing the packages required. There again, we found some steps we had forgotted to document, and corrected some of them, and for the time being, made a Phoenix Debian version 0.0.9. It was installed to one of the machines and I’m doing the experiments to be documented, from it.

Since I was so busy with the live CD work, the experiment documentation work had come to a complete standstill. Yesterday, Ajith sir and I stayed till 9 at night, to try and complete the live CD work, because if we didn’t finish it off, we’d be working on it forever. I resumed the experiments today afternoon. Will write more about that when we finish documenting it.

The highlight of today’s events was that Ajith sir introduced me to Prof. G.K.Mehta, who is a retired former director of IUAC, and continues to work here. He came to see the gravity experiment being done, and gave his invaluable suggestions. He even offered to go through the documentation when it is ready!

2 thoughts on “Phoenix Debian live CD v0.0.9 ready

    1. Thank you, Abhijit. Actually I didn’t do much work. There was a how-to on making live cd from a debian installation, and I just compiled it into a script.

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