Working on Phoenix

I have been working here at the IUAC for three days now. It is an invaluable experience to be in such an environment.

I started my work by documenting the experiment in which you find the value of acceleration due to gravity by measuring the time of fall of a metal ball (initially held by a solenoid and released by software) through a known distance. Ajith sir and Parmanand, the junior engineer in this lab, got together a make shift apparatus for performing the experiment. I took detailed readings of the ball’s free fall (every 5 cm from 10cm to 95cm, with 10 readings on each point) , and got a decent enough result on performing a curve fit. But Ajith sir was not satisfied with the accuracy of the setup, as a more careful scrutiny revealed that the readings on the extremities contained much more error than the ones in the middle. So he has asked Jimpson sir of the Machine Shop to make a special apparatus for the experiment.

We started working on another experiment, in the meantime. Determination of dielectric constant of a liquid by measuring the capacitance of an air variable capacitor dipped in it. First we tried de-ionised water, but the capacitor somehow started conducting when dipped in it. Today we tried with transformer oil. It gave a dielectric constant of 2 at room temperature, but on heating, it too started conducting, and at 120 degree Celsius, it charged upto only less than 4 V, when it should have charged up to 5V! On cooling, it again regained its dielectric properties. Strange…

Documenting the work gave me my first experience of using lyx. I am still in the process of getting used to it. I’m having to refresh a lot of stuff, especially python, as I haven’t done any coding for a long time. At the same time, I have also installed Debian on another machine, to try to make a new Phoenix live CD. I’m using this howto for the purpose. Upon Ajith sir’s instruction, I installed a bare minimum Debian system, and then added X and icewm. Got to work on that now.

2 thoughts on “Working on Phoenix

  1. LyX is an excellent application – it’s great to get people started with LaTeX. Maybe, you can try getting some of your friends interested in it.

    Good to hear that you have got started with your work!

  2. Good to know about your experiences.

    You can also try to use LaTeX; it isn’t that complex. In fact, if you have the Vim-LaTeX suit, it makes the learning process easier (perhaps, there is also a LaTeX suit for emacs) .. or, to begin with, you can just view the LaTeX commands generated by Lyx.

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