At IUAC, New Delhi

I reached the Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi, today at 4 pm. I’ll be here for a month and a half, to work on the Phoenix project, as a sort of summer internship, under Ajith sir. I checked in at my hostel room, and then Ajith sir took me to the labs, and particle accelerator control rooms. It’s almost as if I am inside a science fiction dream! I have got a room mate called Rohit Sandal, most probably a PhD student, but he hasn’t shown up yet.

After dinner, I walked around the beautiful campus for a while. It’s alive and bustling with energy at 9 pm, with children playing football, riding bicycles, chasing each other… people doing their evening walks…

By the way, today’s journey was my first ever, by air. It was an incomparable experience. To fly above the clouds, through the heavens, it is the stuff of dreams…

The labs here are open round the clock, and I’m going to spend some time here before I go to bed. That’s it for now…

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