An Introspection

Two years have gone by quickly and I’m “half an engineer”… It’s a time to look back and look ahead. In another two years’ time, I’ll pass out, and what then? That’s a big question. Like Gopuettan told me, it’s no use trying to plan exactly what I’d do next – it’ll only dawn upon you on a moment’s inspiration, so what’s important is to keep your life moving. He told me that it would be best to do a master’s. He told me that I should not draw conclusions about further education based solely on the futility of the bachelor’s course.

I have never been much interested in technology. It’s true that I used to like Physics at school, and that I am fascinated by the intellectual achievements of mankind, but I’ve never fancied carrying out research in advanced, specialized fields of technology. But I’m not really worse off because I’m doing BTech. I’m studying in a reputed institute, and I still have many doors open. It’s not as if I’m fated to devote the rest of my life to electronics. It would be a good idea to go for higher studies, because as Gopuettan was telling me, a master’s course would be very flexible (especially outside India) and I can selectively learn the things I’m interested in.

Well, one option I have written off, is working in the industry. I have my priorities, and working in a highly technical job with pressures and deadlines doesn’t appeal to me. What are my priorities? I want to continue learning music (piano) throughout my life. I want to be an activist- I want to contribute to the causes I am passionate about, like the Free Software Movement, the fight against Global Warming and Consumerism, a better Education System etc. There are so many things I’d like to fight for. I have no idea whatsoever how it’s all going to work out (who does?!), but I guess continuing my studies could only help my cause. As for earning, when your material needs are fewer, you need to sell only less time of yours for paying for them!

2 thoughts on “An Introspection

  1. I would suggest you to keep your interest going, whether it’s in Physics, Maths or Electronics, or anything else. Try to find extra time for these interesting subjects, if they not part of your B.Tech syllabus (which is probably the case). The point is, you no more need to do your higher education in Electronics, or for that matter, even in technology. Here, I find guys who were once engineers, now doing pure Mathematics. Perhaps following that fine line between Electronics and Physics is good, so that you can opt any of these at any time (or even keep going on the line as long as you wish).

    I failed to foresee such opportunities. But, trust me – at least in terms of research/studies, you certainly can reach where you want to .. just keep your mind open for all .. like what Gopu said.

    All said, I am sure you will find the right path, as you have already started to think about these.

  2. >> I have never been much interested in technology
    >> But I’m not really worse off because I’m doing BTech.

    The thing is that boundary between “arts” and “science/technology” and various other topics is often defined very strictly in our style of education. Many a times we would all have had experiences where our maths teacher makes fun of a language subject and vice versa etc.. It would have been so nice if we were able to take a holistic view of things and appreciate that at the end of the day what lies at the root of everything great and good is the same pure form of creativity and thought manifested differently .. So, what if you get a chance to work in an environment where there is arts and sciences all working together ? Wont that provide you with a better chance to let you come across what realy interests you ! Take a look at the below links, having had the chance to see a few friends studying at MIT and getting to know what exactly they do, its much more than reading through stuff concentrating on one narrow area, there is so much of multi disciplinary interactions etc.. going on (media lab being one example that might be appealing to you) that sounds really exciting.

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