Australia Willing to Fight Climate Change?

Climate Change Minister faces fierce lobbying from fossil fuel companies as she draws up plans to reduce carbon emissions…

…These plans are a new carbon emissions trading scheme, which puts a lid on the amount of pollution Australia can emit, and a national, enforceable target for 20 per cent of Australia’s power to come from renewable energy by 2020…

Read the full article which appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday…

It is high time that all nations of the world decided to put a restriction on the amount of carbon they emit. With the adverse effects of climate change starting to visibly affect people all over the world- like the untimely rains causing huge loss of rice harvests in Kerala last month- no country can afford to sit back and watch.

It is true that the developed countries are the biggest emitters of carbon, and mostly responsible for this situation, but India and China are not far behind. And it is not a good excuse to say that we are on a path of development, and so we should be allowed to emit so much carbon. We simply can’t afford to follow the path of “development” that US has followed. We need to devise a more eco-friendly mode of “development”.

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