NIT – Not so Interested in Technology

My friend Gokul considers himself as belonging to the class of people who feel that NIT is an acronym for “Not so Interested in Technology”! This class is really big, for your information. In fact, most of the NIT student community can be put into this category. I belong to this category, as well! Really, the only reason that I, and many of my friends are studying there, is that we used to do well in exams at school. Our aptitude for engineering was never really tested anywhere. We just prepared for some entrance exams which would get us into the most prestigeous institutions in the country. But why? No one really knows! Everyone’s satisfied to get placed in some company for so-and-so many lakhs, after messing around for four years. But for what? Why should you bother…

4 thoughts on “NIT – Not so Interested in Technology

  1. This makes me look back ay my own engineering days – and we all used to have the same thoughts as you and your friend Gokul has – “what for” and “where are we headed” and “what use is this of” etc.. And to be honest, those same thoughts are there in each of our (me and my engineering friends) minds even today, and I think it will continue to be there forever at each stage. The good thing about tihs thought is that it makes you feel like leaving behind those things for which you feel “what for” and take on new things. And in this process you will juggle with many things and hopefully will hit upon that one thing which you think is the right thing for you to do! And maybe for some people it takes only 4 years to find that “one thing”, for some maybe it takes 10 and for some maybe 20, but the point is that life is lived till the last moment.

    Dint mean to be philosophical, but thats just the fact 🙂


  2. To add to it, I do feel “what for” as of today about the software profession – my current thought is that opening a “dosa camp” in bangalore is what I should be doing ;). But thats not a discouraging “what for”, it just gives me more motivation to make better dosas 😉


  3. really interesting to read these type topics …. dont go for a software profession- you wil become only control engineers by doing ctrl+c,ctrl+v in excel sheets. dosa camp is better.

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