Back Home!


Fourth sem is over at last! It’s been quite a semester. The heaviest so far. And boy, am I glad it’s over!

I reached home around half past midnight yesterday (or today, whichever you prefer!). After the exam, which got over at 12.30 pm yesterday, I went to Kozhikode with my friends, for a treat by five friends whose birthdays fall in the vacation. Febin had this “great” idea of keeping our luggage in the cloak room at the railway station before going for the treat, and spending the night in the waiting room, to catch the early morning train. When we reached the station and found the cloak room, we found that it was nothing more than a shabby little room where you can keep your luggage only if it is locked (no liability), and that too for Rs.10/package/24hrs. To add to the misery, you had to go through a wet corridor which smelt of rotten fish, to get to the cloak room. So AKP, Sabu and I decided to leave immediately after the treat, by bus.

Gokul, who had his aunt’s house nearby, went and kept his luggage there-he had booked his ticket- while the rest of us decided to carry it around with us. Then we went to the beach and spent a relaxed couple of hours there, watched the sunset, and reached Mezban, on time for the treat. We had a great time. After the treat, AKP and I got a KSRTC super fast bus, and reached Thrissur at midnight. Achan came to pick me up from the stand- I disturbed his sleep!

Anyway, three months of vacation in front of me, and lots of stuff to be done!

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