At Last…

… I was able to sync the iPod nano which Gopuettan brought me, using my computer. I upgraded my computer from Ubuntu 6.06 to 7.10 a couple of days ago, and now I can edit the playlists using gtkpod. I tried many things on my old Ubuntu, to get the iPod working, but in vain. I was stubbornly putting off using it, until I got it work with my computer (I could’ve uploaded songs using iTunes on one of my friends’ computers). After much taunting from my friends, I finally loaded a few Hindi songs. And it was a joke among them that you could “even listen to music” on my iPod…

I hate the way Apple have made the iPod firmware. Why couldn’t they have made one which could simply play mp3 files, instead of having to “sync” it with a special software?

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