BTech Stinks…

Well, that’s what I have concluded from the 2 semesters and a quarter of “engineering”, and the remaining five and three quarters are not going to be any different.

The system is rotten from top to bottom. All the courses are so theoretical and abstract in nature, that all you can hope really is to somehow mug up some formulae to get some marks in the stupid exams. The course is designed to create theoreticians, if at all anyone is foolish enough to waste tons of mental energy sincerely trying to digest the theories. Whatever it does, it can’t make “engineers”. Why is “education” all about writing some stupid exams? I’ve been writing exams as long as I can remember, will it ever end?

Learning theoretical science doesn’t make any sense at all, if you can’t relate it to the world around you. The only time I enjoyed theoretical science, and even realized that it could be made interesting, was in Gopinathan sir’s class, the wonderful retired IIT professor who helped me (and my friends) prepare for IIT-JEE. Science in the higher secondary level was a lot more intuitive. But when it comes to engineering, it is a lot more mechanical and abstract and if not done practically, can(and has) become almost pure maths. Especially electronics. I’m honestly beginning to wonder whether I’m doing a higher degree in Mathematics! 

Engineers are not made out of working out text book problems. When we pass out, if you ask anyone in my class how a transistor works, they will tell you all about the input characteristics and the output characteristics and the hfe and the active and cut-off regions, but I’ll bet anything that half of them wouldn’t be able to say that basically what it does is enable a small current to control a larger current.

Engineering cannot be “taught”, much less by pen and paper, or by chalk and blackboard. The best a “teacher” can do is to nurture a sense of excitement in the student’s mind, and that’s where a “teacher” has to be a “mentor”. In fact, it’s the same in any subject you take. That’s why I think the word “teacher” is ill-suited. In our language, we have a much more appropriate word- “guru”, meaning the one who dispells darkness. Unfortunately, all “education” does is leave one in ever increasing darkness of equations and formulae and theories.

Sadly, I’m fated to endure at least another three years of  “education”. =SIGH!= Time for the next lecture. Since there are 90+ students in the class, you can safely sleep in the class, if you are sitting in the last bench, which I always am!

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