New Bicycle!

I’ve bought a new bicycle, to roam around in the campus. Today afternoon I was free, so I went to Mukkam, the nearest  town big enough to have a cycle shop, 7 kilometres away, to buy it. I had decided that I would cycle back to college. Thankfully it didn’t rain heavily today. It was drizzling on my way to Mukkam, but on my way back, it didn’t rain, though it was overcast and you could almost feel the raindrops hanging in the air. It’s a pleasant ride through the hily countryside, labouring up the inclines and gliding down the slopes, with huge trees and coconut groves on both sides of the road. It’d have been a perfect little excursion, if the handle of the bicycle had not become loose three-quarters of the way back. I couldn’t ride the cycle any more, and I had to get down and walk and roll it along, for the rest of the way. And the only cycle repair shop near here, in Kattangal, was closed today, as it is Friday. (Malabar is like the Middle East in that respect). Got to go and get it tightened tomorrow. I’m tired, but happy, as I’ve been planning for days, to go and buy the cycle, and today I just went and got it. Anyway, it was a delightful break from the dull routine of college!

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