One week of classes over. These are the courses- Network Theory, Solid State Devices-1, Mathematics-3, Logic Design, Random Signal Theory and Signals and Systems. The courses have suddenly become advanced compared to the last couple of semesters and involve a lot of abstract maths. I simply can’t understand why they emphasize so much on adavanced theoretical courses ignoring the practical aspects. Without exaggerating, we are being introduced to multimeters, resistors, colour codes and verifying with multimeters, while we learn random signals and networks and flip flops in theory. It’s pathetic. And whatever lab work we have consist of second-hand experiments which are repeated over and over again every year. Well, it’s just the continuation of what school labs used to be. That’s where I think Phoenix can make a difference. What sense is there in learning science from books, if you can’t feel the joy and excitement of watching the circuit you made work perfectly? For me, ideally, labs shouldn’t have fixed time slots(all our labs are in afternoons when the eyes of half of the class are drooping) or fixed experiments. They should give guidelines such as- you should complete so many hours of lab per week or these are the types of experiments you can do, and leave the rest to the students.

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