Final Harry Potter Book Released!

After long months of eager anticipation and waiting, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the seventh and final part of the history-making Harry Potter series is in the hands of the fans. People even spent the night before the release in front of bookstores, to get their hands on a copy. Undoubtedly many would have had to go home disappointed. Others ensured that they would get an early copy, by reserving one weeks before. It’s nothing short of “Potter Mania”.

But is the Potter phenomenon anything more than an incredible marketing stunt? I’ve read the first six books of the series, and I’d agree that they’re a pleasant read- most of all it’s the little details that are charming. The storyline goes just as any fantasy does. But I wouldn’t call the series a literary marvel or anything of the sort. There have been arguments that the Potter series awakened a dying habit of reading in children, but the fact is that children started reading more of Potter, not more of everything.

Read this article which appeared in the Hindu Magazine today…

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