The Future of Operating Systems

How would you like to carry your favourite operating system(with your favourite settings, of course) in your pocket, wherever you go? And use it on any computer anywhere, by just inserting the CD or USB stick? That’s what a live OS is all about! It has a huge potential to revolutionize the world of operating systems for PC’s.

The main advantage of using a live OS is that you needn’t install it. Just insert the storage media into the drive, and start using it. This is nothing short of a boon. Slax, my favourite live system, gives you a number of boot options with which you can have your PC boot in a myriad of ways. You can even copy the contents of the CD to your hard disk and make the computer boot from it, without any external disk, as if it were an installed operating system! So, if a new version is released and you want to update your machine, you don’t have to go through the tedious process of backing up your data, formatting the hard disk and installing the new version. Just delete the folder containing the older version and replace it with the new one- the new version is ready to use!

Though the live OS creates an image of the filesystem on the RAM, it uses very little primary memory as such. It’s like mounting the filesystem onto a small part of RAM, so you can safely run as many processes as you want, without the system crashing.

So, start using GNU/Linux, because only it provides you with such flexibility and freedom- get rid of that dull old boring Windows. “Why use Windows when you have open doors to walk through?”

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