New 7 Wonders Nonsense

Why the compulsion to come up with a new list of wonders? Was there a crying need for such a list? Had anyone gotten upset because they weren’t on the list? Of course not — at least not until Weber made them upset by creating his new list. The New Seven Wonders is one of the most protracted and bizarrely successful publicity stunts in history, and it’s based exclusively on … well, exclusion. Getting on the list is of questionable value, but being left off the list is perceived as a definite snub…

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has made it clear that it has nothing to do with the New 7 Wonders. It was an unbelievably shrewd idea of a businessman. Was there really a need for such a new list of wonders? Wouldn’t the wonders of the world still be wonders if not for such a publicity stunt? And now they are planning another event- The New 7 Natural Wonders. Will the people ever learn to be sensible?

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