Movies and Awareness

IF the earth could speak, one suspects, it would have a lot of uncomplimentary things to say about the creature that has usurped most of its resources and run roughshod over the rest of the living world…

Kudos to the people who take so much effort to produce such documentaries. There should be some mechanism for these films to reach a larger audience, though. Environmental films and documentaries can be powerful tools in educating people about the dangers of unchecked “development”. Even commercial film makers should take the responsibility to produce movies with relevant themes. Malayalam movies of the 1990’s are special, not only because they were genuine entertainers, but also because many of them were based on social issues and human values, and the masses found them easy to relate with their own lives. Films don’t lose any of their lustre just because they are based on reality, or convey a meaningful message to the viewers. It only adds to their value.

Today, people have become used to watching, and enjoy watching mythical superheroes who can do anything, and all the crap which is common to most Indian films now, whatever the language. They call this entertainment? Well, after a while people will lose the ability to appreciate a genuinely good movie when they see it. It’s the responsibility of viewers to demand the producers for good movies, because they deserve it. And if people are ready to be “entertained” by the crap that’s showed regularly on the screens across the country nowadays, it will be the death of genuine entertainment.

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